E-house, container

Container for electrical equipment / E-house - container designed for the electrical panels and inverters.

Equipment of container for electrical equipment / E-house:

  1. Construction of container for electric equipments is made of steel pipe sections welded together.
  2. Indoor and outdoor construction of cab is made of steel sheet, 2.5 mm thick, forming a strong element.
  3. The cavities are filled with insulation (mineral wool) with a thickness of 50 mm.
  4. The floor is made of multilayer removable panels and covered a dielectric mat. Cables and wires lay under the floor.
  5. Ceiling lamps 2x18W with switches, 220V lamps connected by wires, which are brought under the floor.
  6. Possible lacquering and painting at the option of the Customer in accordance with the classification of colors RAL. According to GOST standard: the outer surface – dark blue RAL 5017 or yellow RAL 1003, interior – gray RAL 7047.

Possible options of electric equipment in container for electrical equipment / E-house:

  1. Heating: Heat Fans (2kW, 220V or 380V) or oil radiator (2 kW, 220 V).
  2. System of climate control: air conditioning window type or split system with the function of heat-cold for standard working conditions (220V), or crane conditioners for tough environments (380V).
  3. Fire extinguishers with brackets.
  4. The dielectric mats.
  5. Seat of trainee.
  6. Limit switcher on the door.
  7. Fixing elements for electrical panels.
  8. Table for service personnel.



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