Operator cabins for electric rope shovels

Electric rope shovels - the kind of earthmoving, self-propelled mining machines for excavation of an array or scooping of pile and loading in vehicles or stacking in the dump.

Considering the difficult weather conditions, employing shovels, operator control cabin consists of two separate docked cabins: upper control cab - a work area with the domestic room and lower cabin - a place storing tools and changing rooms.

Equipment of upper control cabin for electric rope shovels:

  1. Construction of crane cabin is made of steel pipe sections welded together.
  2. Indoor and outdoor construction crane control cabin is made of steel sheet, 2.5 mm thick, forming a strong element.
  3. The cavities are filled with insulation (mineral wool) with a thickness of 50 mm.
  4. The floor is made of multilayer removable panels and covered a dielectric mat. Cables and wires lay under the floor. In the space provided for the underground tunnel for cable needed to connect electrical equipment in operator control unit.
  5. The windows are transparent and made of triplex: large - 10 mm, small - 6mm.
  6. Control cabin has two window leaves opening on the gas springs - the left and right of the work area. Glasses mounted inside the cab with the pressure corners allow an easy replacement of glass.  
  7. Rear view mirror.
  8. Control cabin mounted on shock absorbers.
  9. Sun rolled curtains on all the upper windows.
  10. The climate control system is located on the roof of the operator cabin: heat input 4.7 kW, the performance in the cold 4.2 kW.
  11. Possible lacquering and painting at the option of the Customer in accordance with the classification of colors RAL. According to GOST: the outer surface - yellow RAL 1003, interior - gray RAL 7047.

Working area of upper control cabin:

  1. In the ceiling of the working area are 7 adjustable deflectors that provide air discharge inside the cabin. The floor of control cabin with 3 deflectors, two of them direct the stream to the front glass and warm the operator legs in the winter time and one directs air to the right window.
  2. The lamp on the ceiling 2x18W with switcher, 220 V lamp connected by wires, are deduced under the floor.
  3. Ergonomic operator control station KP-4.
  4. Control cabinet equipment of cabin with a control panel of wipers and air conditioning.
  5. The air heating curtain is 3 kW, 220V.
  6. Convector 0.5kW, 220V.
  7. 4 pantograph windshield wiper.
  8. Wall locker for documents.
  9. Tip-up seat.
  10. Sun rolled curtains on all upper windows.

Domestic room of upper cabin:

  1. Wall mounted heater 2kW.
  2. Cabinet for a first aid kit.
  3. Rollaway bed / desk.
  4. Steel washbasin.
  5. Fire extinguisher with bracket.
  6. Coat hook.
  7. Mini-refrigerator.
  8. Automatic water heater.
  9. Radio, CD-and DVD-player.
  10. Tool box (locker).
  11. Microwave oven.

Equipment of the lower cabin:

  1. The construction is made of steel tubular sections welded together.
  2. Workbench.
  3. Fire extinguisher with bracket.
  4. Double wardrobe case.


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