Non-standard/special operator crane cabins

Cabins for special crane / non-standard crane cabins.

Non-standard control cabins are developed based on customer specification or according to the previously created projects with the requirements of the client. Great experience of our company in the manufacture of non-standard control cabins for different mechanisms will help you get balanced product that will improve the operator efficiency and protect him from the possible harmful effects of the environment.

 Control cabins of manipulators of press and oven.

 Control cabins of manipulators of press and oven are used to control movement of billet to the press 300kN and oven. They are designed to working in enclosed rooms with high ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, in addition to air conditioning split systems are equipped with double glazed windows and fully sealed. Manipulators work with billets of aluminum and magnesium alloys, temperature up to 500 degrees Celsius, weighing up to 1500 kg, with dimensions up to 2200 mm, the distance from the billet to the windshield cabin 3400mm.

 Main equipment of control cabins of manipulators of press and oven:

 A multifunctional indicator lamp.

  1. The windows are made of transparent tempered insulating glass.
  2. Acoustic radiator.
  3. Split type air conditioner on 1,5kW, 220V.
  4. Indication panel with a flexible arm.
  5. Non-slewing operator control unit KP-6-300 with installed joysticks in columns and signaling elements.
  6. Searchlight on 400W, 220V, IP65.
  7. Metal first aid kit with a set of medicines.
  8. Document pocket.
  9. Cabinet of lighting
  10. Ceiling lamp 2 * 18W with switch, 220 V lamp connected by wires, which are brought under the floor.
  11. Possible lacquering and painting at the option of the Customer in accordance with the classification of colors RAL. According to GOST: the outer surface - yellow RAL 1003, interior - gray RAL 7047.

 Control cabin of complex hydraulic fracturing

 Mobile complex of hydraulic fracturing, successfully work in a number of service companies in the oilfields of the leading Russian oil companies as well as in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Pump units (complexes) are designed for pumping working liquid into the wellbore (mixture) under pressure and with providing productivity of hydraulic fracturing, as well as for hydraulic, hydraulic jet or chemical treatment of the bottomhole zone at oilfields.


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