Operator cabins for portal crane

 Technical characteristics of operator crane cabins:

1. Cabin size 2545 × 1850 × 2365 mm

2. Ambient temperature: limiting the maximum + 45°C;

the lowest limit - 40°C;

3.  Triple glass fence to a height of 1100 mm

4.  The design is made of steel tubular sections of suitable thickness, welded using electric welding, forming a solid base frame that could withstand heavy mechanical stress and vibration.

Cabin weight - 1700 kg.

5. Covering external and internal structure is made of sheet steel, 2,5 mm thick, forming a strong element.

6. The cavities are filled with insulation (mineral wool) is 50 mm.

7. Door weight 700 mm at the top and at the back of the cabin and is opened outwardly, the door opening direction illustrated (view A-A). On the outside and inside of the door has a handle, locking the door in position - closed. From the outside the door is locked.

8. One frontal window, two side and a window in the sloping part of the roof open to the outside on the gas piston. Handles on the windows of plastic or plastic-coated, geometry handles - ergonomic. The hinges on the windows and doors must be sufficiently strong and reinforced, must be sealed to avoid rust stains during operation. Above the windows and doors are made to drain rain gutters.

9. The windows are made from laminated transparent glass thickness of 3 mm ... + 3. Glass mounted inside the cab by means of clamping corners allow for a substitution of glass inside the cab. Triple glass enclosure.

10. Protective grille on the lower panes:

- Inner grille can be removed for cleaning glass;

- External grille is not removable, welded.

11. Lower the glass can be removed for cleaning. The lower frame glasses have.

12. The floor is made of laminated removable panels and covered with insulating mats. Cables and wires are held under the floor surface. In the underground tunnels of the space provided for the laying of cable lines required to connect the electrical equipment placed in columns chairs the panel.

13. The lamp on the ceiling of 120 W with a switch socket E27, power 220 W. The lamp is connected by wires, which are brought under the floor.

14. The opening for the cable entry into the cabin is located in the exact conformity with the drawing.

15. The dielectric pad 600 × 600 mm

16. Varnishing and painting:

- Common foreign thickness of  200 µ;

- The outside of the cabin - the color RAL 1023 (yellow);

- The interior of the cabin - the color RAL 7047 (light gray).

17. Wires to connect the equipment brought under the floor and marked. The free ends of the wires to connect the equipment should be at least 1.5 m.

18. Document pocket - 1 pc.

19. Operator control station KP-4 - include

- Material chair: cloth,

- Column material: 2,5 mm, the steel sheets;

20. Fire extinguisher OP-2 - 1 pc.

21. Coat hook - 1 pc.

22. Metal kit for medications - 1 pc.

23. Armchair trainee;

24. Janitor-pantograph with the washer fluid reservoir on the front glass.

25. Roller blinds on all windows, including window in the sloping of the roof

The underground space of the cabin is equipped with a duct system for blowing glass from under the floor. Provided air heating 2 kW with battery life blowing heated without it.

26. Heater (2 kW) on the bracket is installed permanently and connected to the outlet.

27. On the perimeter of the cab signal is applied in the form of coloring black and yellow stripes.

28. The cabin floor provides a pedestal for the installation of the control cabinet.

29. Additional sockets (220) - 2 pcs.

30. Sold together with the goods passes to the Purchaser certificates and passports provided by the manufacturers of all components and materials.

31. As provided as raw equipment:

- Control cabinet

- Panel bracket to the panel chair

- Hands-free system

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