Operator cabins for ship to shore (containers crane)

Ship-to-shore container crane – is a specialized version of the rail mounted gantry crane in which the horizontal gantry rails and their supporting beam are cantilevered out from between frame uprights spaced to suit the length of a standard freight container, so that the beam supporting the rails projects over a quayside and over the width of an adjacent ship allowing the hoist to lift containers from the quay and move out along the rails to place the containers on the ship. The uprights have wheels which run in tracks allowing the crane to move along the quay to position the containers at any point on the length of the ship.


Equipment of control cabins for STS cranes:


  1. Construction of crane cabin is made of steel pipe sections welded together.
  2. Indoor and outdoor construction crane control cabin is made of steel sheet, 2.5 mm thick, forming a strong element.
  3. The cavities are filled with insulation (mineral wool) with a thickness of 50 mm.
  4. The floor is made of multilayer removable panels and covered a dielectric mat. Cables and wires lay under the floor. In the space provided for the underground tunnel for cable needed to connect electrical equipment in operator control unit.
  5. The windows are made of transparent glass triplex with different thicknesses depending on the floor construction (within the thickness of 6-40mm).
  6. Provided the opening of the upper front window and upper side windows on the gas springs. Glass mounted inside the control cabin with the pressure angles, allows an easy replacement of glass. Privacy applies to all windows triple protection along the perimeter of the crane cabin.
  7. Rear view mirrors.
  8. 3 pantograph windshield wiper.
  9. Sun rolled curtains on all the upper windows.
  10. Defogger device of frontal windows.
  11. Indication panel on the operator control unit.
  12. Climate control split system conditioner on 2,5kW, 220V.
  13. Operator control station KP-4-250.
  14. Ceiling lamp 2 * 18W with switch, 220 V lamp connected by wires, which are brought under the floor.
  15. Possible lacquering and painting at the option of the Customer in accordance with the classification of colors RAL. According to GOST: the outer surface - yellow RAL 1003, interior - gray RAL 7047.


Possible options of control cabins for STS cranes:


  1. Extra heating devices: air curtain (3 kW, 220V) or fan heater (2х2kW, 220V).
  2. Document pocket.
  3. Roof gutter for water drainage.
  4. Metal thermos for drinking with fastening.
  5. Large outside spoiler.
  6. Radio, CD-player.
  7. Additional sockets.
  8. Intercom.
  9. Purifying System from gas emissions.
  10. Bell loud fight.
  11. Tip-up seat.
  12. Shock absorbing mounting device.
  13. The pedal enabling sound alarm.
  14. Limit switch locking wicket of entrance platform.
  15. Control joysticks and other elements of command and control provided by the Customer in accordance with the electrical circuit.
  16. Metal first aid kit with a set of medicines.
  17. Coat hook.
  18. Fire extinguisher with bracket.
  19. Removable entrance platform.
  20. Electrical cabinet.

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